Web Design

We create and refresh brands, build responsive websites and work in all areas of digital and web design. Smooth Websites utilises the skills of our expert creative, content and technical team to produce your website. When it comes to website design, we have a great reputation with five-star reviews.

Many people and companies find that their website is the single most valuable marketing tool that they have, which is why it is crucial that we get it right. Update your site from any internet connection to suit you, and change the look and feel without rebuilding expand or shrinking your content at any time. All of our websites are responsive which means they are mobile-ready.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and companies make the most of the internet. Our branding and marketing ideas have launched many start-up companies and given those that have been around for a while a fresh new look.

Wordpress Agency UX Design

We use the latest web technologies and WordPress hosted on our own servers.  All our sites are custom designed and our experienced designers guarantee high quality work. We also offer help with other necessary services, either directly or through our network, to make a web project work ie. photography, copywriting, marketing advice, SEO, social networking and PR services. Read more about our web design process.

As your website designer, we are responsible for creating and designing a website that is visually appealing, user-friendly and functional.

We have expertise in graphic design, layout design, colour theory, typography, and user experience design (UX design). We use various tools to create design mockups and prototypes where needed, otherwise, we create your website directly in WordPress using a theme that is customised to your branding.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Understanding your requirements and objectives for your website.
  • Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes or a template in WordPress to present design concepts.
  • Designing the layout, colour scheme, and typography of your website.
  • Selecting and editing images and graphics for your website (where appropriate).
  • Working with our in-house web developers to implement any custom work into a functioning website.
  • Testing your website for usability and fixing any design issues or bugs.
  • Optimise your website for speed, responsiveness, and search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Keeping up with the latest design trends and techniques to ensure the website is modern and up-to-date.

In addition to technical skills, we have a strong understanding of user experience (UX) principles and business concepts. We are able to create designs that are intuitive and provide a smooth navigation experience for users.

As your website designer, we play a crucial role in creating a visually appealing and functional website that will help your business establish an online presence and attract customers.

Which Marketing Materials? Using strategic thought and high net-worthy design skills, we always aim to realise the full potential of every project and stretch your budget as far as possible.

web Design Process

Brief & Proposal. Once we have discussed your brief with you, we create a proposal that lists all of the design, build and other elements of your website, broken down, so that you can pick and choose, or phase your project. At this stage, a design and build time-scale is established based upon the final agreed proposal and our production diary.

Design. Our creative team will design one or more screens for you to agree on. Once you are happy with the concept and visuals, the project is passed to the web design team for construction.

Build. We will construct your site template, and send you a link to view your site as it is being built. You can give us feedback at any time, on the visuals or mechanics of the site.

Test & Sign off. Once your site is built, it will be thoroughly tested on a number of different platforms and in all the major browsers. If you are happy we then ask you to sign off the project.

Aftercare. We will connect your site to your domain name, and give you an aftercare package, to ensure that you can manage your site and check your site traffic. You can get help from us anytime by email and we will respond as soon as possible with an answer or suggested solution.

Marketing. On-line marketing plans are an important part of the marketing mix. If you opt for our marketing packages we will help you maximise opportunities to heighten awareness of your website and develop a user profile. With careful planning, you can develop an excellent strategic marketing plan helping you attain your aims and objectives for your business. biteinto.net offers a range of well thought out marketing support services that work including PR campaigns, SEO and Social Networking.

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