Building Brand Content

Every business generates information that is based on knowledge and this is the core of your brand content.

  • A professional outfit may want to explain how their services work
  • A creative individual may want to show off a portfolio

there are 4 things you must do to Build Your Brand With Content

Start by defining your audience so that you can develop your brand content strategy around it.

By developing profiles for your customers you can narrow down what type of content to develop and which topics to work on.

If you really hit the nail on the head you are more likely to catch their attention.

You may well be dealing with different sales channels, and different audiences and demographics, understanding them allows you to cater for them.

Demographics you may look at: age, geographics, retail, commercial. 

Depending on your business, these are the type of details that you should know about your customers.

By setting yourself apart from your competitors, you can develop brand content around your solutions, and brand offerings. If you offer solutions in your brand content, you will help your website’s conversion rate, from impressions and clicks, to end goals as well as improve your search engine visibility.

Are you a local business? Always mention your location if you only want to attract local customers. Don’t dilute your efforts, and keep your search engine optimisation focussed on your locality. 

Developing a mix of branded and non-branded content on a consistent basis will not only help you gain new customers but will also help your digital presence.

Creating content is pointless if no one will ever see it, that means you must optimise it and get it out there.

Your website needs to have helpful content that talks about the solutions your company provides for your target audience.

Two things are vital when developing content. Make sure:

  • It’s easy to find.
  • You have ways to promote the content.

Try out different marketing methods. Use social networking, search engine and pay per click or online advertising to promote your content. Measure your results without this, you will never truly know what is working for you.

Keep a clear purpose as to why you are developing content, is it to gain traffic, to convert potential customers or to gain repeat business from existing customers.

Tell people over and over what you do, but differently. Much of the content you develop will be about the same topics. By presenting and representing it in different, engaging and innovative ways, you will gain understanding and trust from your audience. 

If you are writing a blog, are your posts seasonal or event based, or do you need to address the same topics by refreshing blog pieces and representing them. Adding information and keeping it current is a great way of recycling your content.

Give something in your content, impart knowledge and offer tips. 

It may feel repetitive but, one piece of content will never reach all of your potential customers. Diversify your communications and trying new formats will gain traction.

Remember people consume content in different ways, so it is likely that your potential customers will have a similar way of responding to your content. Try images, video, copywriting. Try different platforms for different content types.

Over time your business will develop a strong foundation of content that will stay in your digital space, form a part of your brand identity and visibility.

A few Practical Tips

Whatever your business and your circumstances there are ways that you can collate your knowledge, products and marketing materials and present them in varying formats across the web.

  • Use your website to present your business to the world
  • Use a blog to provide your followers with news, tips and offers
  • Use a regular newsletter to update people and provide them with information they may need
  • Use social networks to thow things out there, draw people in and generally “socialise”

A single diagram will show you how you should be driving your knowledge and branded content and keep it in your minds eye.  Share it will colleages to keep your content flow working within the team and make sure nothing goes to waste.

To achieve this you need a form of information flow and procedure, and that means seeing the wood for the trees.

If you want to streamline your business content and make it internet ready, we are able to consult on how you can do exactly that with great results!

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Elly is a treasure trove of insight into websites that work and getting digital marketing right. And good fun too.
Gemma Blencowe
22:59 15 Feb 23
Elly has provided us with fantastic service updating and modernising the Cherhill and Yatesbury website, and helping with day to day website admin. I would highly recommend
Nick White
09:08 26 Aug 21
Fabulous service from a company with their finger on the pulse . Elly led me through all the steps required to set up an e commerce site and gave invaluable guidance. Can’t recommend her highly enough.
Gavin Taylor
10:26 24 Aug 21
Well, I’m back for another website creation by! You know that thing about returning clients? Yeah that!!Thank you, Elly🙏🏾
Godwin Nwafor CALC
13:59 23 Aug 21
This lady and her company Biteinto is nothing other than INCREDIBLE. I can’t do tech. My brain is not wired that way. My own website sends me to insanity.Elly takes all that pain away. I trust her. I know her and I have never even met her in the flesh. Something just resonates and my entire company is safe in her hands.Highly recommend her - hope one day we will meet. AND if you need someone to help you and she says she can do the job and work with you snap her hand off.We are in the midst of a mammoth project and I just know it’s in the safe hands of Elly.Highly highly recommend !
Jane James
15:04 20 Aug 21
Rupert ProcterThe Legend of The Goose GirlElly Gray – is some sort of genius; and is the inspiration behind our marketing and publicity strategy for “The Legend of The Goose Girl”. They get 5 stars for being on another level brilliant when it comes to website design. Employ her is you want to get ahead!Check out what she has done for us
Sophie Cunliffe Owen
11:13 20 Aug 21
Thank you so much for such a beautiful website. You have a real eye for presenting content and displaying people's ideas. From start to finish my ideas were taken on board and it was lovely knowing that I had someone so professional to create my site. A pleasure to work with and would recommend to anyone else 😁
Gemma Gillett
11:09 20 Aug 21
A very efficient and professional service from Biteino.netElly Gray has done a fantastic job creating my portfolio website.Jody Stewart Photography
14:27 09 Mar 21
I was really impressed with Elly's work. She turned things around quickly and required very limited input from myself.I am delighted with what Elly has done for my company and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Ben Roberts
17:13 10 Nov 20
Simply the most creative, efficient and on the button agency there is - look no further
Mark Hodson
12:47 30 Oct 20
sarah rivett-carnac
13:23 29 Oct 20
Highly recommend biteinto, fabulous design and marketing team, we gave them the concept and they delivered.Thank you Biteinto
peter london
11:49 29 Oct 20
A Gallery passed me to Elly and her team to sort out my website and I utterly applaud her diligence and insight into creating my web. It was such an easy experience ( for me) as they intuitively knew how to put my ideas into reality. Cannot recommend enough - it was an absolute pleasure working with them.
Cally Buchanan
09:18 11 Oct 20
Professional, concise and good fun. J
Jason Nicoli
18:16 02 Aug 20
Got Biteinto to rescue a large and complex site from Umbraco and make it work in Wordpress. They moved heaven and earth to do it quickly, accurately and within a tight budget, doing way more than expected before having to charge a very modest extra to cope with unforeseen issues required to complete the project. Most impressive of all is that ongoing support was still freely given long after she'd finished and been paid for the conversion and website launch contracted for. Quite exceptional service: thanks. I would highly recommended Elly and to anyone requiring website design and build.
Jack Barker
21:12 14 Jul 20
The team at Biteinto are a real pleasure to work with. Extremely diligent and hard working, they went above and beyond to ensure that we had the work we wanted to doing delivered on time and the results exceeded our expectations. I also love the fact that the team empowers you to take control of your own website and they work hard to deliver you results. A small business, with real people to work with, who care very much that they deliver an excellent product, I would highly recommend Biteinto.
Roseberry Cottage B&B
09:06 10 Jul 20
Elly was great in helping train me with the tools needed for SEO and the site optimisation has improved greatly which has been a real benefit to the company!
Humphrey Codrington
15:26 25 Jun 20
Elly went over and above to make sure I ended up with a fabulous end product - I absolutely love my website, it looks really high-end and professional. Couldn't recommend enough.
12:40 01 Jan 20
Elly at Biteinto has just revamped my website in a matter of weeks and it is amazing; she also incorporated an online shop into the site, taking the hassle of having to contact purchasers for payment. She worked tirelessly to get my site up and running again, pulling out all the stops; having waited eight months for my previous designer to deliver a site which was incomplete and not user or search engine friendly.Elly is always contactable and understood my website needs completely.I would thoroughly recommend Biteinto and Elly for a professional, fast, efficient and creative service.
Ann Seward
16:31 03 Dec 19
Biteinto were marvellous in every possible way
Humphrey Gravell
17:27 25 Nov 19
Without doubt the most hard working, professional and creative talent in the business. Elly has been working on my behalf for the last few years and has created the most wonderful website for me. Beyond this magic, she has also advised and hugely helped me in promoting and expanding my work. Nothing is too much for this master of the digital world. I highly recommend this company. You will be deeply grateful and you will achieve great success. Thank you so much Elly for everything x
Joth Shakerley
13:30 04 Nov 19
It is a refreshing change to work with Elly who not only appears to be on the same page as you are but she actually delivers what she says she will! Full of enthusiasm and bright, practical ideas but keen to work with you and your own capabilities and budget - Elly becomes an integrated part of your own business very quickly.
Sheena Thompson
11:33 29 Oct 19
Elly is great and super user friendly. She did a great job with my website and was extremely patient with my never ending requests. I've already recommended her to a client who is really happy with her services.
Sophie Woolfenden
18:16 14 Oct 19
I am thrilled with our new website. Elly untangled my rambling thoughts and a vague vision of what I wanted into a brilliantly designed and fantastic looking website. She immediately understood our business and the customers we were hoping to reach and this is reflected in a clear and easy to navigate site. The new website had an instant impact on bookings. Elly is quick to reply to emails and always available to help. Highly recommended. Thank you Elly!
Emma Amati
14:05 11 Oct 19
Amazing service from Elly this week! Above and beyond expectations! Thank you so much. Definitely 5 stars!
Mandy Stiebel
08:08 13 Sep 19
nadia waterfield
17:26 11 Sep 19
Elly at Biteinto has created a wonderful website, in budget and on time! She listened carefully to our brief and has managed to incorporate both our technical requirements and ethos. Biteinto offer a bespoke, personal service. They are creative bunch and had masses of input from concept to completion. Biteinto are able to manage a variety of projects including; build, design, marketing, and sales. They have encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Equestrian. However, do not be put off if you are retail or media, as Bitenet have a breadth of commercial knowledge and experience. I feel very fortunate to have found Bitenet they are a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our long term relationship. Thank you so very much for your commitment Elly, and thank you fir a website we are all so proud of.
Grainne Needleman
15:24 26 Aug 19
Many thanks for a thoroughly professional and highly competent service from Biteinto and Elly Gray. Our website was completely revamped and up and running again in a matter of days. Elly is always contactable and endlessly helpful about both the technical and creative side of web design. I highly recommend them.
Ruth Pitman
10:35 23 Aug 19
Elly developed and designed our website and the results are fantastic. Creative, quick and professional we are thrilled with the quality of service and finish of the website. They make a complicated process easy to understand and offer excellent knowledge and advice. I would highly recommend their services.
Amanda Bastin
08:48 20 Aug 19
Elly Gray is fantastic to work with. She was integral to raising the brand awareness of OSLOH. She was especially effective in developing media coverage, reviews and influencer relationships for the brand. I highly recommend adding Biteintonet and Elly to your team.
Shawn Drayton
18:01 10 Aug 19
Elly completely revamped my company website about a year ago and was incredibly efficient and always on hand to help whenever we needed her! I would recommend her services without hesitation.
Lady Elizabeth Anson
18:55 09 Aug 19
We've been working with Elly at for over 7 years now and on behalf of the whole team at Saving Faces, we couldn't recommend her highly enough. We've always received fast and efficient service, sometimes often at short notice when necessary and we couldn't thank her enough for her patience, understanding and all the helpful non-jargon advice she has given especially as we are fairly a non-technical team. Elly's also been great in creating our two new websites and understood from the start exactly what we wanted.
Tuyet Le
09:20 09 Aug 19
You got our business within 5 minutes, you guided us and we have ended up with the website we wanted 3 years ago. All previous frustrations with old website forgotten. Thanks so much Elly. You’re service goes above and beyond.
Fiona Arnold
07:51 09 Aug 19
Elly is fantastic, she really understands the needs of our business and continually updates our website to perfectly match our requirements and budget. She is also a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing to do so -
Joss Ridley
09:19 08 Aug 19
Elly has been very helpful in building our website and making sure all our requirements were met. We have experienced far more sales with this website than our previous one, in large part thanks to Elly's efforts. The response time is very fast and being a fairly non-technical company we find that all our questions are answered clearly.
Wimbledon Debenture Tickets
12:56 07 Aug 19
Elly at biteinto created a new website for us which we are so pleased with. She has also helped us out with Mailchimp and social media campaigns and offers a really fast and efficient service, pulling out all the stops at the very last minute when necessary.
Janie Treasure
10:10 07 Aug 19
Elly has been looking after my website construction, management and social media for over a year now . As a small brand owner with little knowledge of these things it has been fabulous to sit back and let Elly and the “bite” team help me , inspire me and help to build my brand, they’re fabulous, she’s fabulous.
Guy Parsons
09:30 03 Aug 19
We have been working with developing our online marketing for sometime with amazing results. We couldn't be happier with the responsive service that they have offered. Honest straightforward advice without the corporate jingo, so helpful in understanding our sales strategy and rebranding. Lateral thinkers in a manner that so many other agencies are not.
Vinyl Element
18:03 12 Jul 19
Vìkíñgé VííràgïSt
09:45 22 Dec 13