Building Brand Content

Building Brand Content 1

Every business generates information that is based on knowledge and this is the core of your brand content.

  • A professional outfit may want to explain how their services work
  • A creative individual may want to show off a portfolio

there are 4 things you must do to Build Your Brand With Content

Start by defining your audience so that you can develop your brand content strategy around it.

By developing profiles for your customers you can narrow down what type of content to develop and which topics to work on.

If you really hit the nail on the head you are more likely to catch their attention.

You may well be dealing with different sales channels, and different audiences and demographics, understanding them allows you to cater for them.

Demographics you may look at: age, geographics, retail, commercial. 

Depending on your business, these are the type of details that you should know about your customers.

By setting yourself apart from your competitors, you can develop brand content around your solutions, and brand offerings. If you offer solutions in your brand content, you will help your website’s conversion rate, from impressions and clicks, to end goals as well as improve your search engine visibility.

Are you a local business? Always mention your location if you only want to attract local customers. Don’t dilute your efforts, and keep your search engine optimisation focussed on your locality. 

Developing a mix of branded and non-branded content on a consistent basis will not only help you gain new customers but will also help your digital presence.

Creating content is pointless if no one will ever see it, that means you must optimise it and get it out there.

Your website needs to have helpful content that talks about the solutions your company provides for your target audience.

Two things are vital when developing content. Make sure:

  • It’s easy to find.
  • You have ways to promote the content.

Try out different marketing methods. Use social networking, search engine and pay per click or online advertising to promote your content. Measure your results without this, you will never truly know what is working for you.

Keep a clear purpose as to why you are developing content, is it to gain traffic, to convert potential customers or to gain repeat business from existing customers.

Tell people over and over what you do, but differently. Much of the content you develop will be about the same topics. By presenting and representing it in different, engaging and innovative ways, you will gain understanding and trust from your audience. 

If you are writing a blog, are your posts seasonal or event based, or do you need to address the same topics by refreshing blog pieces and representing them. Adding information and keeping it current is a great way of recycling your content.

Give something in your content, impart knowledge and offer tips. 

It may feel repetitive but, one piece of content will never reach all of your potential customers. Diversify your communications and trying new formats will gain traction.

Remember people consume content in different ways, so it is likely that your potential customers will have a similar way of responding to your content. Try images, video, copywriting. Try different platforms for different content types.

Over time your business will develop a strong foundation of content that will stay in your digital space, form a part of your brand identity and visibility.

A few Practical Tips

Building Brand Content 2

Whatever your business and your circumstances there are ways that you can collate your knowledge, products and marketing materials and present them in varying formats across the web.

  • Use your website to present your business to the world
  • Use a blog to provide your followers with news, tips and offers
  • Use a regular newsletter to update people and provide them with information they may need
  • Use social networks to thow things out there, draw people in and generally “socialise”

A single diagram will show you how you should be driving your knowledge and branded content and keep it in your minds eye.  Share it will colleages to keep your content flow working within the team and make sure nothing goes to waste.

To achieve this you need a form of information flow and procedure, and that means seeing the wood for the trees.

If you want to streamline your business content and make it internet ready, we are able to consult on how you can do exactly that with great results!

Building Brand Content 3

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